Saturday, August 15, 2009


1. To every day be true and faithful to you.
2. To never say anything that I can’t take back – even if sometimes we might not agree with one another, I will always do my best to be “excellent” to you!
3. To bring you roses and other presents as often as I can.
4. To hold you and make you feel beautiful (more beautiful than Princess Leia was to the childhood version of me) for all of your days.
5. To clean up after myself and to be helpful around the house, Debra.
6. To make your dream of having a house that is a home a reality.
7. To take you to places that fill you with wonder and excitement.
8. To take care of you when you’re sick and not feeling well (in good times and bad).
9. To always remember how much you inspire me with your strength and determination.
10. To spend lots of quality time with you.
11. To always cherish your meatball sandwiches!
12. To never feel like you owe me anything and to always be thankful for what you give me.
13. To encourage you to greatness and to always believe in my pookie bear.
14. To never stop acting goofy in my love for you.
15. To always find time to go on walks together.
16. To try not to snore and drive you crazy with my bodily functions!
17. To always let you know that we are a family in how I dedicate myself to the commitment that is this marriage.
18. To always get googly-eyed when I look back on the pictures of the great times that we’ve had.
19. To never stop daydreaming about how our life could have more great times and to make those great times a reality.
20. To never stop letting you know that someday I really would like a PSA10 Roger Maris rookie card – even if I know that I would never want you to spend all that money to buy it unless we win the lottery. In that case, I really do want it!
21. AND… to always realize that I have to work for the privilege and the special thing that we have together.

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